Welcome travellers to our homestay!

Cosy homestay house in Pattaya area in Thailand

We welcome travellers to stay in our home in picturesque localities of Pattaya for any length of time, from one night and more. The accommodation service is being made in a comfortable room with the private bathroom, sitting area and garden.

Deemak Homestay – About our home

Our little project is known as "Deemak Homestay". “Deemak” translated from Thai means "VERY WELL", a "Homestay" in English means a form of tourism when the traveller lives in the house with the owners, and where he has the opportunity to immerse in the foreign culture and to know many interesting facts about the country, culture, traditions and particularities firsthand. Our home is arranged with love and with attention too, and it is situated in the residential homes “Baan Dusit Pattaya Park”. Our home is 15 minutes drive from the resort town Pattaya where there are also Ramayana Water Park, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, Golden Buda, Silver lake, golf courses. Inside the town the tennis courts, basketball courts and volleyball courts, the huge swimming pool are available for you.

We will help you to organise any forms of excursions and tours, to rent a car or bike, to organise teaching and health-improving programmes. Most significantly, we will make your trip in Thailand in the educational and captivating journey.

Deemak Homestay gives our guests the next advantages:

  1. The cozy and comfortable residence: it is not a nondescript hotel room. Staying in our home, the home environment is guaranteed to you.
  2. All of our attention is on you: You are our unique guest and all our attention is on you.
  3. The possibility to know more about the local culture: we will answer all your questions which are not educated by many travel guides and are not considered over the Internet. We know well the real life and it enriches your knowledges, and gives you substantial cost savings too.
  4. Homemade food: the possibility not to eat at restaurants, but to eat family meals. It is an economy of budget, and an exposure to Thai Kitchen and International Kitchen.
  5. Living in our home, you receive the one room hotel with the welcoming staff at your disposal.  

The housewife is Minnie. She is Thai and she speaks Thai and English languages. She is a recognised professional in the sphere of tourism, Thai cuisine and Thai massage. And she is a good soul. The cleanness and the cosiness in the house are fully her merit. Dmitri helps with the blogging and Website. He is a perfect photographer and he is an expert of the local sights. He speaks several languages. He travelled half of the world and as anybody knows the needs of the travellers. Vladimir is an author of all technical works on the internet. Everything is making quickly and on a higher level. Come on a visit. You won't be sorry!

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