DeeMak Homestay Blog

Blog about life in Deemak Homestay, Pattaya, Thailand

Blog on vacation in a private house in Thailand. Want to know how to turn a vacation into an unforgettable journey? Then you hit where you want, and we will do all that to tell you how to implement it. There are published descriptions of interesting places around Pattaya, tips on how to spend your time and do, are not included in our standard packages offered by travel agencies.

Thai Family Homestay - full-immersion in Thai life

Thailand is an amazing country attracting millions of visitors every year. Most of them settle for standard comfy services offered by travel agencies. Some travellers are so captivated by this country so they stay here for months and years; some, for lifetime. The decision to go to the country is often based on a personal opinion shaped by books, read in childhood, stories of friends, and hours-long Internet surfing. That is the way how a traveller full of romantic and exciting expectations arrives in Thailand.

What is Homestay

What does it mean "Homestay"? It is a guest living with owners in the same house. The owners can be as a family as a single person, but all they are joined by the real interest in the communication with the guests from different countries, knowledge of something new, the true cordiality and hospitality.

Bicycle is the wonderful way to get to know Thailand

It has been a long time that I have noticed the difference in the perception of the new places according to the transport that you use. In a car you travel very fast and you don't always have time to observe the beauty of places, to photograph, to run down where you really want. For this purpose, the bike is much better, and, of course, the bicycle and walking routes.