Activity and Sport

Things to do in our house in environs of Pattaya

Things to do while living in our house. Plenty of opportunities for sport, activity and entertainment in Thailand. Pattaya and its environs is a great place for unforgettable holidays. Thailand is very fertile place for sports and recreation. And in the entertainment field, few can compete with this country.

Bicycle is the wonderful way to get to know Thailand

It has been a long time that I have noticed the difference in the perception of the new places according to the transport that you use. In a car you travel very fast and you don't always have time to observe the beauty of places, to photograph, to run down where you really want. For this purpose, the bike is much better, and, of course, the bicycle and walking routes.

Gym of my dream

There are everything in Pattaya like in Greece! There are also multiple fitness studios and fitness centres, of course. Some of them are not so chic, but some of them are with a state-of-the-art infrastructure. Having been moved out in the sticks I have received the full cardio exercises that couldn't be changed because these exercises were outdoors, but sometimes I came short of the heaving exercises in the fitness centre.