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Chinese saturday market in Chak Ngaeo, Thailand, Pattaya area

Chinese market in Pattaya area

The curious and investigative traveller always searches the highlight which is not covered by the mass tourism. The visiting of the Chinese Saturday market in the town Chak Ngaeo has become the real discovery for me. This town is situated not far from our house - only 10 kilometres.

The road itself to the town across the picturesque surroundings of Wat Yan (the temple complex not far from us) retimes us in the past about 200 years before. Chak Ngaeo itself is not very extraordinary. It is only one of the multiple Thai little towns. The general public it is the ethnic Chinese who have defected to Thailand from China during the violent revolutionary years. The most people have just forgotten their mother tongue - the Chinese language, but the Chinese culture lives here and very racily lets somebody hear during the Saturday market.

In Thailand the most people work 6 days per week that is why Saturday is the last business day when it is possible to relax after a hard working week. Saturday the town transforms fabulously. On the pedestrianized street which is reserved for the market, people on the pot place their stalls and tables and they are dressed in the traditional Chinese clothes. The street is decorated with the famous Chinese lanterns and at the entrance of the market there is a classic Chinese arch.

When I have arrived here the first time, the twilight was and the lanterns were turned on. There was the feeling that I had reverted to childlike state when my mom had read to me aloud the books for children with the Arabian Nights Stories. It also reminds me the atmosphere of the adventure movies with the participation of Jackie Chan. People, clothes, music, board shacks. There are no practically the occasional visitors here. There are here only friends. Everybody like a unique family who are seated at the same table together and talk, sing karaoke. Everybody is very warmly met and with the frank hospitality.

The major purpose of the visit of the market for every person is to eat num-nums. Here with this the apple-pie order, from the traditional Thai and Chinese dishes to the European hotdogs and Arabic shawarma. The prices are 30 per cent lower than in local Pattaya that is not high-priced town. There are here little brochettes and fresh fruit cocktails, the soups suited to every fancy, the Chinese cookies, seafood and fruit, candies. It is possible to taste the most part of the dishes only here. I have never met such dishes in Pattaya.

The local citizens who live on this street transform their own houses in the museums, scenes and the hideaways during their trade on the market. There are no here tourists practically. Besides the food there is nothing to buy, but sometimes you have a chance to find here some ingenious, funny hickey for decorating your clothes/body or your own home. In general, how fast two hours run by! And the infant and magic sentiment runs high after the visit of this wonderful small town. Come on a visit. We have always a guest room and you can rent a car, or we can drive you.

Don't forget about the Saturday market. The town Chak Ngaeo is not far from Wat Yan and Deemak Homestay.

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