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Thai Family Homestay - full-immersion in Thai life

Thai Family Homestay

Thailand is an amazing country attracting millions of visitors every year. Most of them settle for standard comfy services offered by travel agencies. Some travellers are so captivated by this country so they stay here for months and years; some, for lifetime. The decision to go to the country is often based on a personal opinion shaped by books, read in childhood, stories of friends, and hours-long Internet surfing. That is the way how a traveller full of romantic and exciting expectations arrives in Thailand.

Charm of the country surely begins with the first steps in Bangkok Airport. Famous Thai smiles, the unparalleled smell, the massed touristic get-together. But still you are caught in the standard trap of travel industry. World globalization has dramatically erased the borders between cultures of different countries. Lipton Tea, Coca cola, Mars, Snikers, numerous franchise-owned places, plastic souvenirs from China – all these things look the same in different countries of the world. Few truly authentic places, preserving their unique way of living, are left on the Earth. If you want to look outside the pages of glossy magazines about Thailand, if you aren’t satisfied with the standard pack, offered by a travel agency, then I think it is worth to discuss the living with a Thai family, or one in a private residence in Thailand together with house owners.

Thai people in North Thailand

A lot of information on Homestay concept has been already shared in the previous article. Experience of living with a Thai family can create a bunch of impressions, develop new knowledge and skills. I have travelled a lot during the last 10 years and always prefer to stay with families. It is difficult to overestimate experience gained from such accommodation. There are few places in the world where I have not been yet. But if I decide to go anywhere, I will definitely choose homestay as my accommodation in other countries. Homestay has its own cultural, national and everyday peculiarities in any country. Today I would like to tell you about my take of homestay in Thailand.

There are several types of homestay in Thailand:

- Living in one private house with or without a family

- Living in an ethno-village with its villagers

- Living in an apartment house with or without owners

All these types of accommodation are brought together by one thing – the direct communication with the house owners. There is no uniform standard, it depends on owners. But as a rule all the people, who offer homestay, are characterized by friendliness and hospitality, commitment to helping guests around the clock. Every type of accommodation is interesting and insightful in its own way.


As homestay is getting more famous among tourists who are tired of standard holidays, the Thais offer more and more for opportunity to gain experience in this type of accommodation. You can stay in an ordinary Thai village, distant from many blessings of civilization, as well as in a standard suburb or in a town such as Pattaya.

If you are a sophisticated traveller, captivated by Thailand, and made up your mind to stay here for the rest of the life, homestay is the best way to examine firmness of this decision.

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages often turns into advantages as you gain experience in homestay.

Living in a Thai village, you are separated from chains of shops, restaurants, cafes and entertainment (if you don’t have a personal vehicle, of course). The question of understanding may come up because there is 99% possibility that you cannot speak Thai. But this is the best place to get the entire scene of life in the Thai language. The Thais usually live with large families. For example, if a married couple in Thailand breaks up for whatever reason, the family will be always glad to host and take care of family members who lost their homes. Children are the core value because they move senior parents in and take care of them being grown-ups. Family celebrations and visits of friends and relatives, when scores of people gather together around the table, are an everyday occurrence in Thailand.

Thai village

Living with a Thai family, you can directly observe and participate in its life; you will be invited to a party, dinner together and weekend trip. It is okay for a Thai to say, “Hey, tomorrow my sister and her husband will go on vacation to the island, join us”. Sense of calmness and bliss, no stress – this is the style of Thai life. Waking up in the early dawn, you can pick tea leaves on hillsides wrapped in morning mist. You can sleep on a coconut matting and see thousands of stars through the hole in the thatch. You will be woken up by the first rooster's crow in the morning, by sing of trees and smell of the morning food cooked on fire. There will be no place for thoughts about stock exchanges, inflation, political instability or staircase neighbours in your head. There is a high probability that you can learn the best of family values here and take it with you to the far, civilized and cold world of money and income.

It is possible to stay in a suburban house close to civilization. As a rule, the home here is offered by mixed families: a husband-foreigner and a Thai wife. It is also interesting to see the transformation of European culture in Thai reality. You won’t feel such a language barrier here as you may experience, for example, living in a distant Thai village. You can learn from the host how life in Thailand has influenced him, find out peculiarities of long-time living of a foreigner in this country, and many details which have not been described in any book or magazine. You can learn more than just a culture of Thailand – if the house owner is a foreigner, he will share with you a part of culture of his country.

Thailand nature

The hostess will be happy to show her cooking skills, tell about Thai culture peculiarities and Thai everyday life. It is not 100% pure Thai reality and culture; however, it is very interesting and insightful life in its own way. You may write an amazing book based on story of every family.

We invite you to our hospitable and cosy home in Thailand within easy reach of Pattaya.

Believe me – the people, who write this blog, will make your stay here interesting and unforgettable.

For all details of accommodation please visit deemakhomestay.com


EXPERIENCED COORDINATOR. I try to do my best for explain about our house, area where we stay. Enjoy Thailand with us!

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