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What does it mean "Homestay"? It is a guest living with owners in the same house. The owners can be as a family as a single person, but all they are joined by the real interest in the communication with the guests from different countries, knowledge of something new, the true cordiality and hospitality.

You not only rent, but you are a guest and you are often a real member of the new family. Here you can know a lot of things because the recipient it is frequently active, interesting people who are ready to impart knowledges and skills. A lot of people have the creative hobby and interests which become a visiting card of their home.

You can develop the art of cooking, to practice in foreign languages, to become familiar with the new sports, to study how to take photos, to see beautiful places which are not described in the travel guides.

When you choose the homestay you can know in advance about the hobby and profession of the owners of a house. You may create a temporary creative team for working on your project, improve your health, lose weight, change your look and clothes. The homestay provides the means for making your trip as captivating and educational journey.

What kind of benefits the homestay gives to you (from English "homestay")?

    1. Your trip becomes a handmade special design. You live in private with the local citizens and not in the standard room of the hotel chain.
    2. Food! Homemade, prepared from the fresh products, right off the stove. The possibility to eat at home cooking and the exposure to the local traditional cuisine and often the economy of your means.
    3. The possibility to immerse maximally in the ethnic culture and colour of the local life. You may say goodbye to the printed and Internet travel guides.
    4. Your owners of the house are the best guides and experts, and they will answer all your questions, they will show sightseeing attractions, will explain to you all nuances and special aspects there.
    5. All of our attention is on you! You are the hotel guest with one-two rooms and often you are a unique guest. Your owners of the house are fully focused on your needs and desires, and they are always ready to come to the aid of you.

How to choose the homestay?

Start with the understanding of that where you want to go and the purpose of your trip. When you choose the place geographically, you can fall on the selection of the living community with the aid of many Web sites. It is enough to ask "Mister Google" about the magic word "homestay". When you choose your accommodation, your possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Entering into correspondence with your owners of the house, you can improve cardinally the original project of your trip.

The form of homestay assumes that you can help to your owners of the house too in any way, impart them with knowledges. Estimate hospitality, return affection. Behave to the house where you live like to your own house. It is recommended to get to know better the owners of the house, to know the basic values of the country, the characteristics of the ethnic culture, to study few words at least in a natural language of the host country before choosing the place of residence. The Internet gives for that a world of possibilities. Any souvenir given by you from the heart will be met with gratitude. Pass your time with the owners of the house and help them. If you loved in point of fact your living here so please don't find it difficult and leave feedback about the owners of this house, and recommend this place to your friends.

We invite you to our cosy home in Thailand not far from Pattaya - Deemak Homestay.

Welcome to Deemak Homestay


EXPERIENCED COORDINATOR. I try to do my best for explain about our house, area where we stay. Enjoy Thailand with us!

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