Services and Prices

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Guest room with separate shower and toilet, rest area, garden, private entrance.

Day 1,500 Baht

Week 9100 Baht

Month 33,000 Baht

The price includes a light breakfast, a shared kitchen, wifi internet, cable TV, cleaning service. The room features a large double bed, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, hair dryer, mirror and wardrobe. If necessary, you can add one bed.

activity bicycles




Transfer from Bangkok Airport - 1500 Thai Baht

Trip to Pattaya out and return - 700 Thai Baht

Rent a bicycle begins with 100 Thai Baht

Rent a bike begins with 200 Thai Baht

Rent a car begins with 600 Thai Baht

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Meal service

You may cook for yourself in our kitchen. It is included in the cost of accommodation, or you may order the food preparation to our housewife Minnie. She is a perfect cookery specialist and she is an expert in Thai cuisine.

Average cost of the single serving of a meal is 50 Thai Baht.

Exception is the seafood - the cost of the single serving of a meal is about 80 Thai Baht.

1spa massage




Health-improving and weight management programme, including the special diet and training activity.

One week - 10 000 Thai Baht.

Two weeks - 18 000 Thai Baht.

Thai massage is 300 baht per hour

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We have developed a few of hiking and cycling tours in the vicinity of our house. The cost of the tour from 500 baht per person.